Dedicated to Roberta Foglino:

When she was a child Roberta Foglino attended the Marcelline Institute in Piazza Tommaseo. After participating in the experimental liceo linguistico, she went on to study foreign languages and literature at the Catholic University of Milan, and then returned to the Institute to teach English language and literature.

For years she headed the Department of Foreign Languages with great determination and imagination. Her innovative approach to foreign language teaching would ensure the school was in a position to offer students an admirably comprehensive linguistic and literary education.

Roberta’s humanity, professionalism and passion for teaching left an indelible impression on successive generations of students. We leave them the beautiful task of remembering her.

Her students have these memories of Her…

Valentina Meucci

Chiara Gandini

Rossella Leali

Giulia Gorlini

Beatrice Gilli

Valentina Valaguzza

Rachele Parietti

Valentina Corvi

The Literary Prize

Edited by the Liceo Linguistico of the Marcelline Institute, and open to 1st and 2nd grade secondary students of the city and district of Milan for unpublished works in English, the literary prize named after Roberta Foglino has been organized in cooperation with Christine Reinhold (film and theatre actress and producer), Derek Allen (Professor of English at the State University of Milan, writer, actor and professional voice talent), Arturo Cattaneo (Professor of English Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart), Paco Simone (Editorial Director of ARPANet), Antonio Di Bella, Nicoletta Fattobene and Martina Molteni (Nòema – Creative Italian family), Amina Piciotti and Lidia Pavone (CBO Communication by Objectives) and Gian Maria (MisterGo Learning by travelling).

To all of them our warmest thanks. Special thanks also go to Massimo Santoli, who wanted this PRIZE dedicated to Roberta and has generously  supported it.

Roberta has been a guiding light not only for her students but also for her colleagues. She was able to bring the best and the most out of each of them. Remembering her through this prize is the very least we can do, but at the same time it is too little. We will work very hard to ensure that the Roberta Foglino Prize becomes an important opportunity for student growth and development in the future.


The subject of this First Edition 2017 is aiming high, in the sense of aiming for success with commitment and determination, for the realization of one’s own dreams or for the realization of projects to share with others for the common good.


The awards ceremony for the first edition of the Roberta Foglino Prize for the city and district of Milan will be held on Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 6:00 pm, at the Marcelline Institute in Piazza Tommaseo, 1 Milan.

All those who partecipate in the Roberta Foglino Prize, their relatives and friends may attend the ceremony. The names of the winners will be announced during the ceremony itself at the moment of the award.

The works of the first places in each section and category will be read/displayed, and the authors of the most appreciated works will receive special mentions.